Changing your eating habits is hard. Epicure makes it easy.

WINNER: Finalist

Changing your eating habits is hard. Existing products aren’t much help. They require you to write food journals, count calories, or buy expensive products.

Epicure makes it easy to change your eating habits. Our technology automatically analyzes your online receipts and recommends healthier options, helping patients and caregivers proactively manage diabetes.

Each time you shop, Epicure rates the health of your cart. Using a simple stoplight system developed by Stanford University we make it easy to understand what is healthy (green) and where there’s room to improve (yellow or red). Each time you order an unhealthy item, Epicure will suggest three alternatives. Over time, Epicure learns your preferences -- serving up a personalized shopping cart that’s ready to go the next time you shop.

Epicure has the ability to transform the lives of those living with chronic diabetes because we take the "work" out of behavior change. In so doing, we are helping to improve outcomes and reduce costs for patients and caregivers alike.

With expertise and support across health and high tech, we are excited to bring a fresh perspective to this silent epidemic. MIT, Cornell, and the New York Tech Meetup agree. In the time of the PACT Healthcare App Challenge, Epicure won the $10,000 "Technology Entrepreneurship Award" at the MIT "Dream It. Code It. Win It." competition, the $40,000 "Startup Award" from Cornell Tech, and was invited to present a live demo in front of a crowd of nearly 700 at the New York Tech Meetup, the largest tech meetup in the world.

We've used this momentum to incorporate, bring on new talent, and pursue business development opportunities. With that, we are on our way to changing the way America eats: improving lives for those with diabetes and helping to limit its onset in others.

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