Patented smart pill bottles to track & improve adherence in real time

WINNER: Finalist

AdhereTech makes patented smart pill bottles that automatically track and improve adherence in real-time. Our solution is currently used by pharmaceutical companies to distribute commercial specialty medications to patients - and to monitor and improve adherence in clinical trials. AdhereTech has active engagements with a number of top healthcare firms, including three of the top-15 pharmaceutical companies. The solution has been used by diabetes patients on oral medications since 2013.

Here's how our solution works: As patients use AdhereTech bottles, adherence data is wirelessly sent from the bottles to our servers, where it is analyzed in real-time. The system automatically compares what patients are doing, to what they should be doing. If a dose is missed, AdhereTech reminds the patient and/or caregiver via a series of customizable features, such as automated phone calls or text messages - as well as on-bottle lights and chimes.

Additionally, if the system notices certain patterns of non-adherence, it can solicit feedback from patients via text or phone call, asking them why a dose was missed. The patients’ responses can then be routed to live healthcare practitioners for immediate intervention. For example, if a patient is not taking her/her chemotherapy medication due to side effects (which is common), AdhereTech can gather this information in real-time, and immediately route it to a live practitioner for intervention. Compare this to the status quo, when the lack of adherence would first be realized during the patient's next doctor’s appointment.

Another innovative aspect of AdhereTech is that we are the first tool to ever capture adherence rates and the reasons for non-adherence - all in real-time. With the status quo, patients are asked about their reasons for non-adherence during doctor visits, so data and insights are outdated and inaccurate. AdhereTech gathers novel insights into the true drivers of adherence while they are fresh in the mind of patients, thus gaining insight into the solutions that work for specific types of patients.

The flaw with all other adherence solutions is that they require non-adherent patients, who already have issues managing their health, to set-up and learn complex tools. This is true whether a patient has to download and engage with an app, fill up a pill box, or sync a device to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Non-adherent patients won’t perform these tasks.

AdhereTech is the first adherence tool that it built specifically with the non-adherent patient’s user-experience in mind. The cellular technology allows our bottles to connect and work right out of the box, with zero setup. Additionally, our bottles are used just like normal pill bottles, down to the standard child-resistant cap. All data is collected and analyzed passively, and we only intervene when necessary. For the less tech-savvy, we intervene via automated phone calls to landlines, while more tech-savvy patients can receive text message interventions. The battery in an AdhereTech bottle lasts 200+ days on a single charge, and the bottles are rechargeable as needed, just like a cell phone.

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