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about 5 years ago

New health data API + new $5K API credit prize!

Hello, health hackers! With a little over two weeks left to work on your diabetes-busting apps, we’re adding a new tool to the challenge that we think will give you some great new insights into relevant patient health data. It’s the Validic API, and it allows you to integrate health- and activity-monitoring data from a range of devices and platforms into your app. Using it isn’t a requirement, but we think it’s pretty cool.

Validic is also offering $5K in API credit to the developer with the app that makes the best use of their API. Validic’s Chief Evangelist, Akhsar Kharebov, is joining our judging panel, and he’ll also be on hand to answer any technical questions you might have.

So, how do you get started building patient health data from Validic into your app?

Happy hacking, and as always, if you have questions for us, get in touch at